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Lafayette LEGO Robotics Club

This is a bunch of stuff for the Lafayette LEGO Robotics Club, and our FLL team the Lafayette LEGO Robotics Collation


Current Challenge: Rock Crawlers  

Here's some info about what we've done:  Details

Steve's Pictures

John's First, Second, and Third truck

Our Test Course

We're going to have a competition at Brickworld in June of 2007

A previous challenge was Tic Tac Toe (or 3T)

Check out the Great Ball Contraption

We made a GBC for a train show.  Here's the design


Indy 5.0 Rules


FLL Base Robot
Zip file with Building instructions for 2004 FLL base robot
 (about 2.7 mb)

Zip file with Building instructions for 2003 FLL base robot
 (about 1.2 mb)

2004 Missions

Other LafLRC stuff